PYRAMID EXPLORER - With Colin Reader
Saturday - 24th February 2018
We take our direct flight from Heathrow to Cairo, where we check in to the luxury Mena House Hotel located in the shadows of the Great Pyramids at Giza. We are based at this lovely hotel for seven nights on room and breakfast basis and Pyramid View rooms are available at a supplement. Call for details.

Day 2 - Treasures and Old Cairo
Our day begins with a visit to the Egyptian Geology Museum. This rarely visited museum was founded in 1904 as part of the Egyptian Geological Survey and includes some fine examples of natural history unique to Egypt. On to the splendours of Old Cairo including the stunning Ibn Tulun Mosque, a survivor of the classical Islamic period, and the Gayer-Anderson House - now a museum set in a beautifully preserved Old Cairo Townhouse. We have lunch at a local restaurant and then we drive to the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. (BL)

Day 3 - Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid
This morning we make the short journey to the pyramids and explore the site including the causeways, mastaba tombs, the Sphinx and the Valley Temple. Colin will give us his theories on the site while we investigate some of the little explored areas of this ancient complex. We return to the hotel at lunchtime with plenty of time to relax before our special event later this afternoon. As the pyramid site closes for the day and the sun goes down we will return. We have an AWT private permit to thoroughly explore the Great Pyramid with entry to all three chambers. A rare and exciting chance to descend to the subterranean ‘unfinished’ burial chamber cut in to the bedrock and then take the ascending corridors to  the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber. We return to our hotel after our expedition. (B)

Day 4 - To the Red Sea
Today we board our four wheel drive vehicles and head to the Red Sea Coast. We aim to go off road and drive along the Wadi Garawi to look for evidence of the oldest masonry embankment dam of its size in the world. Our drivers will prepare a picnic lunch and on arrival in Ain Sukhna we view galleries for storage of ancient boats and supplies dating back to the 4th Dynasty. It was here in 2013 that Pierre Tallet and his team discovered papyri written by men involved with the building and supplies needed for the Great Pyramid of Khufu. We return to Cairo early evening. (BL)

Day 5 - North Saqqara
We have planned a whole day at Saqqara where we start at the small Imhotep Museum before heading to the recently opened Pyramid of Unas. We see the Step Pyramid of Djoser, beautiful Old Kingdom mastaba tombs and  the pyramid of Teti with its Pyramid Texts. Colin will also point out lesser known features of this vast site such as the dry moat, early dynastic tombs that have never been fully explored, and the northern court of the Step Pyramid, an area that has never been completely cleared. We have tickets for entry to the Serapeum, the vast galleries of tombs of the Apis Bulls and the New Kingdom Tombs of Horemheb and Maya. Colin will guide us through some of the more confusing aspects of this well-known site that still has many questions that need answering. During the day we will have lunch at the Sakkara Palm Club. (BL)

Day 6 - Entry to the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur
A day  to explore Dahshur and two of the earliest ‘true’ pyramids dating from the Fourth Dynasty.  We have once again obtained a special permit from the Ministry of Antiquities to enter the Bent Pyramid. This is a rare and exciting visit, exclusive to AWT passengers, and Colin will explain his theories on the building of this remarkable structure. Plenty of time to walk around this amazing pyramid and join the Inspectors at the site who will give us latest news on the recent finds in the area. We will have a lunch at the Saqqara Palm Club and then we will return to the site to visit the Red Pyramid. (BL)

Day 7 - Meidum Pyramid
This morning we drive south to the massive pyramid of Meidum with a chance to enter and descend to the impressive burial chamber.  Colin will explain his theories on the building of this pyramid and we will walk the site looking for clues and evidence to support his ideas. There will be time for the adventurous to enter  the tomb known as ‘Mastaba 17,’ as numbered by Flinders Petrie in 1910. The sarcophagus with the robbers' wooden mallet is still in situ and well worth the effort to view. We return to the hotel early afternoon. Free time this afternoon to enjoy the pool and grounds or maybe even take another walk to the Great Pyramids. (B)

Day 8 - Saturday 3rd March 2018
After breakfast we take our private transfer to Cairo Airport for our direct flight to London Heathrow arriving early afternoon. (B)

Colin Reader  is a chartered geologist whose studies have focused on issues as diverse as the age of the Great Sphinx, the geological evolution of the Egyptian landmass, pyramid building and ancient quarrying techniques. However Colin stresses that Giza is the site where his interest in Ancient Egypt began.

(B) = Breakfast (BL) = Breakfast and Lunch (BLD) = Breakfast Lunch and Dinner


PYRAMID EXPLORER with Colin Reader


DEPARTURE DATE: Saturday 24th February 2018





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