Based at the wonderful Old Winter Palace this is ‘The Tour’ if you have always wanted to visit to Hierakonpolis, the City of the Hawk, where we spend a morning on site with Renee Friedman, Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition. Plus we have a special trip planned at Elkab where we meet up with Vivian Davies, Director of the Epigraphic Expedition currently working on site. We also spend a day visiting Abydos.
Day 1 – Monday 20th February 2017
We fly London to Luxor with EgyptAir and on arrival we take our private transfer to the first class Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion Wing, where we check in for seven nights on room and breakfast basis.

Day 2 –  Karnak
We begin our tour with  a visit to the Temple of Mut, consort of Amun with time to look at the many Sekhmet statues and the unusual kidney shaped sacred lake close to the small Ramesses III temple. We also walk along the avenue of Sphinx leading directly to the 10th pylon before heading in to Karnak itself for our guided tour. Later we visit Luxor Museum where photography is now allowed on purchase of an optional personal ticket. (B)

Day 3 – City of the Hawk
A rare chance to visit Hierakonpolis where we meet with Renee Friedman, Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition. We have a guided tour of the site including the cemetery, the  vast enclosure of Khasekhemwy known locally as the ‘Fort’ and the rarely opened decorated Old and Middle Kingdom rock-cut tombs. We have lunch at the dig house where we learn more about the site and recent work before driving back to Luxor. All passengers on this trip will automatically become ‘Friends of Nekhen ‘ for one year. (BL)

Day 4 –  West Bank I
We take our private launch across the Nile to board our bus for the Valley of the Kings where we have three tickets for tombs open on the day. Then we visit Deir el Medina to view the village and tombs of the workmen who built and decorated the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. We also include an extra ticket to enter the Tomb of Pashedu. We visit the Ptolemaic temple dedicated to Hathor and Maat and we also investigate the Great Pit. A local lunch and then to the newly opened tomb group of Huy the Viceroy of Kush and Amenemonet and Amemenemhab. Next, the Ramesseum, Mortuary Temple of Ramesses II  with its toppled colossi and stunning reliefs of the Battle of Kadesh and the storming of the Hittite city of Dapur. Finally, we stop to view the Colossi of Memnon. (BL)

Day 5 – Abydos
Today we head north to Abydos, cult centre of the god Osiris.  First, to the Temple of Seti I where we see some of the finest reliefs in Egypt including the famous ‘King List’. Time to ponder on the mysteries of the huge  blocks forming the Osireion known at Seti’s Cenotaph. Then we will walk across the desert sands through scattered mud brick walls to the Temple of Ramesses II where we find some lovely scenes from the Battle of Kadesh and some brightly coloured reliefs. We will have a local lunch before returning to Luxor. (BL)

Day 6  –  Ancient Nekheb
To Elkab once the ancient city of Nekheb dedicated to the vulture-goddess of Upper Egypt. A special visit for AWT as Vivian Davies, Director of the Epigraphic Expedition at Elkab, will meet us on site and talk about the teams work and tour the major tombs with us. A chance to enter the 18th Dynasty tombs of Ahmose son of Ebana, Setau and Pahery the Mayor of Nekheb. Next, the small Tuthmosis IV and Amenhotep III Temple built for Hathor and Nekhebet before continuing to Vulture Rock where we see many ancient inscriptions. We have a lunch box picnic before making our next stop at Mo’alla to visit the tomb of the Governor Ankhtify. (BL)

Day 7 – West Bank II
Boarding our private launch we once again cross the river and head to the Valley of the Queens to enter the tombs of the young princes and royal children. These tombs are beautifully preserved and rarely visited but tell the emotional stories of the occupants through fine coloured reliefs. Then we travel to Deir el Bahri and the Temple of Hatshepsut set deep in the Theban Hills.  Next we enter the nearby tombs of Pabasa and Kheruef at  Asasif. A Local lunch before we visit the huge Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu. Finally we visit Deir el Shelwit, the small Temple of Isis, built by the Romans and featuring the Emperors Hadrian and Antonius Pius. The temple is now open thanks to the cleaning and restoration undertaken by the American Research Centre In Egypt. (BL)

Day 8 – Monday 27th February
After breakfast we take our private transfer from the hotel to Luxor Airport for our EgyptAir flight to London arriving early afternoon. (B)

B=Breakfast – L=Lunch – D=Dinner



DEPARTURE DATE  Monday 20th February 2017





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