Day 1 – Friday 14th November 2014
Fly London to Cairo with EgyptAir and on arrival we check in to the first-class Movenpick Hotel at Giza for two nights on room and breakfast basis.
Day 2 – Giza
Our first day begins with the short ride to the Giza plateau to explore the Great Pyramid, the satellite pyramids, mortuary temples and causeways before heading to the mighty Sphinx and Valley Temple. In the afternoon we will visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Plenty of time to search out many artefacts from areas we will visit over the next few days as well as the most famous collections such as Tutankhamun. There is an optional ticket available in the museum for those who wish to enter the Mummy Room. (B)
Day 3 – Remote Pyramids
Today we board our four-wheel drive vehicles, leave Cairo and travel to the Faiyum. We will begin our journey with a visit to  Dahshur  where we find the Red and Bent Pyramids of Snofru. Time to enter the Red Pyramid  for those who wish before we make the short journey across the sands to the intriguing Bent Pyramid. With its collapsed lower corners and much of its limestone casing still in place we are able to study the building techniques of the era.  Next, to rarely visited Lahun pyramid set at the desert’s edge before continuing to Hawara.  There we view the pyramid of Amenemhat III and Dylan will explain the site of the Labyrinth where Petrie unearthed the famous Faiyum Portraits. Lunch today is a picnic provided by our driving team. Later we check in to the Auberge Hotel on the shore of Lake Qarun for one night on half board basis. (BLD)
Day 4 – North Shore, Lake Qarun
After breakfast we head off to explore some fabulous sites on the north shore of the Lake. First, to the Middle Kingdom temple remains at Qasr el Sagha, known as the Golden Fortress. This is  followed by a look at the town and temples of Dimai, a Ptolemaic city that once served as a port on the lake.  We continue to Karanis one of the largest Greco-Roman cities in the Faiyum. Excavation work at this site has given us a huge understanding of everyday life under Greek and Roman rule. We have a picnic lunch today and then later drive back to the Movenpick Hotel at Giza for one night. (BL)
Day 5 – Luxor
This morning we take the short flight to Luxor and check in to the Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion Wing, for six nights on room and breakfast basis. This afternoon we have a guided tour of Luxor Temple to view the reliefs as the sun goes down and the floodlights come on. (B)
Day 6 – The Wonders of Abydos  
Today we head to Abydos to explore the Temple of Seti I.  The raised relief decorations in this temple are among the best in Egypt.  We study the mysterious Osireion and then we head out across the desert sands to view the Temple of Ramesses II with its striking Kadesh battle reliefs.  After our picnic lunch we continue to Dendera and enter the Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor.  We see the newly cleaned walls and ceilings. This lovely temple features the only depiction of Cleopatra VII with her son Caesearion to be found in Egypt.  We return to our comfortable hotel for overnight. (BL)
Day 7 –  The Temple of Amun
An early start as we set off for an in depth visit of Karnak Temple. We have arranged  an AWT special and meet with the Chief Inspector of Archaeology at Karnak who will show us the latest finds in front of the first pylon including the Ptolemaic and Roman baths. We  visit the newly opened Mut Temple and view the stunning artwork in the Khonsu Temple. We have tickets for the Open Air Museum where we find the Alabaster Chapel, the White Chapel and Red Chapel of Hatshepsut. After a lunch break at the hotel we take a private motor launch to the West Bank. First we will visit the Noble’s Tombs where we enter the tombs of Sennefer and Rekhmire and then the Ramose group where we enter the tombs of Ramose, Userhat and Khaemhat. Next to the  Ramesseum, the inspiration for Shelly’s Ozymandias (B)
Day 8 –  Seti I
Today we cross the Nile again and head straight to the Valley of Kings. We have tickets for 3 tombs open on the day plus we have arranged a special AWT private permit to enter KV17 the Tomb of Seti I one of the best decorated tombs in the valley. Those that wish can then join us as we ascend the mountain path for the walk over the mountain of Meretsegar for spectacular views of the West Bank. We have lunch at the Moon Valley Restaurant before making the short journey to Dra Abu el-Naga to enter the brightly coloured tombs of Roy and Shuroy and the newly opened tomb of Amon om Otep. Finally the Mortuary Temple of Seti I. (BL)
Day 9 – Nefertari
We take our private launch across the river and head to the Valley of the Kings where we enter three tombs. We also walk to the door of Hatshepsut’s tomb and talk about the tomb’s strange legacy.  Next to Hatshepsut’s magnificent temple at Deir el Bahri before continuing to Deir el Medina to enter the tombs of the artisans and view the Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor and the Great Pit.  We lunch at the Moon Valley Restaurant before heading to the Queens’  Valley and the stunning highlight of the trip.  We have a special permit to enter the Tomb of Nefertari, perhaps the most famous of all Egyptian Queens, principal wife of Ramesses II and often seen with the Pharaoh in artwork and sculpture. This tomb is spectacular and it is a rare and extraordinary privilege to enter it. On to Medinet Habu, the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III, and finally a stop at the Colossi of Memnon, taking special note of Tiye and Mutemwia. (BL)
Day 10 – Optional el Kab
Today could be your day to relax by the pool or head to the souk.  Alternatively join us on an optional excursion by road to the fascinating site of el Kab with its 18th Dynasty rock-cut tombs, the small temple of Amenhotep III and the ancient inscriptions at ‘Vulture Rock’. We will stop at Mo’alla to view the Governor Anhktify’s tomb and then return via the often overlooked Temple of Montu at el Tod. For those on the optional excursion, a packed lunch is included. (B)
Day 11– Monday 24th November 2014
Fly Luxor to London with EgyptAir arriving later the same day. (B)

Expert: Dylan Bickerstaffe, is well known for his publications and lectures and TV work. His theories on tomb-robbery, the royal mummies and cache tombs have featured on several TV programmes. He has also made a special study of the Egyptian Labyrinth at Hawara, a site we visit on this tour.

(B) = Breakfast (BL) = Breakfast and Lunch (BLD) = Breakfast Lunch and Dinner


DEPARTURE DATE  Friday 14th November 2014





LAND ONLY DISCOUNT: £450  (If you arrange your own international flights)

Optional el Kab excursion: £80 per person


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